Taking Leave of Tuscany

We arrived in Lebanon this past Saturday. Tuscany was hard to leave behind. It seemed the countryside looked different at different times of the day. It is no wonder that people return time and again to Tuscany. Every morning felt like potential as we whipped open the wooden shutters and let the light pour across the terra cotta tiles. I felt the urge to write on the stone patio surrounded by potted lavender and some kind of geranium. But we had medieval cities to visit, Chianti wines to try, and claustrophobic towers to climb. 

The ancient wine barrels in the Monastery of the Olives, a Benedictine order still there today and still producing wine.
The tiny town of San Gusme, a short walk from where we stayed at Arceno Estates.
View from Piazza Publico (City Hall) tower, looking over Siena’s Duomo
The Castle Brolio. Still owned by the same family since the twelfth century. They also produce a famous Chianti wine.
Michealangelo’s David
Florence’s Duomo. Florence was packed with tourists! But it was for a reason–lots of beautiful art, history, and architecture.
Our patio in Tuscany, Arceno Estates


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